Research Staff / Student
Waishan Qiu

Prior to MIT, Waishan QIU holds B.E. Urban Planning from Tongji University, China, and M.ARCH Urban Design with distinction from Bartlett, UCL, UK. Has studied and worked both in China and UK, he is looking forward to embracing all the new challenges and possibilities that MIT and the USA would bring about. Have been trained as an interdisciplinary designer throughout various scales, his projects and researches vary from as small as a 3D print ring, to as large as a territory of metropolitan.

 Being skilled at 3D print, Rhino, Grasshopper, GIS, Data Visualization and Rendering, he would like to see how technology would interact with planning expertise and what novelty of urban design can emerge. At Center for Advanced Urbanism, he is focusing on the interaction of computation design, urban information system and urban design prototypes in large scale.

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