The MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism’s (CAU) Membership Program offers organizations of all sizes the opportunity to be a part of this forward-looking initiative by joining a membership body that shares a common and abiding interest in the advancement of urbanism in the coming decades. In aligning with a top-tier educational and research institute, members continue the patronage of research while also joining a community of leading practitioners.

Directed Research


Alongside faculty and the Center for Advanced Urbanism’s leadership, members can define an area of research and fund a sole-sponsored project. The size and scope of the research project will be determined on a case by case basis, and may include but is not limited to: studio workshops, large-scale design proposals, and/or multi year research proposals. This enables members to support directed, in-depth research within the framework of the Center for Advanced Urbanism.

The project will be subject to a separate agreement (Sponsored Research Agreement) that will stipulate the scope of work to be conducted, timeline for research deliverables, and budget. The fees associated will be dependent on the individual research project.

The benefits of Affiliate Membership are automatically offered to any organization supporting directed research with the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism.