Philips establishes a five-year, $25 million research alliance with MIT
Beyond Illumination: Leveraging Urban Lighting Infrastructure
Students undertake an initial workshop in Medellin in order to examine first-hand the urban projects in informal settlements and meet with community partners in the city
Medellin Site Workshop
Documenting the global suburban condition in Johannesburg, South Africa and Maputo, Mozambique
Global Suburbia
Led by Professor Judith Layzer (PI), Fostering Sustainable Consumption in U.S. Cities has been awarded an MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative (MIT-ESI) Environmental Research Seed Grants
Fostering Sustainable Consumption in U.S. Cities
Over the spring semester students have been experimenting with emerging trends in the fields of landscape architecture and urbanism as they relate to the Center’s biennial theme, The Future of Suburbia
Suburban Futures Final Review