Presents speculations around four emerging themes that will shape how suburbia advances: experimental, heterogeneity, autonomous, and productivity.
Future of Suburbia [Exhibit]
Evaluating and developing adaptive forms of coastal urbanization
Brent Ryan, Fadi Masoud, Xi Qiu, Caner Oktem, Ricardo Jnani Gonzalez Ramirez, Roland Jm Pellenq, Liyan Xu, Stanley Lung, Xiaoxuan Lu, Tianxin Zhang
Developing the Littoral Gradient
Strategies for Urban Stormwater Wetlands Los Angeles and Houston awarded an Abdul Latif Jameel World Water and Food Security Lab (J-WAFS) seed-grant
Strategies for Urban Stormwater Wetlands
Philips establishes a five-year, $25 million research alliance with MIT
Beyond Illumination: Leveraging Urban Lighting Infrastructure
Documenting the global suburban condition in Johannesburg, South Africa and Maputo, Mozambique
Global Suburbia