Research Staff / Student
Manuela Uribe Buitrago

Manuela Uribe is a Colombian Architect graduated in 2013 from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín. She worked for two years at Alejandro Echeverri + Valencia Architects in which she developed and coordinated architectural projects principally sports and cultural venues with a high eco-efficiency and social integration values.

In 2015 she developed a research practice at Montaner-Muxí Architects in Barcelona, in which she took on a research project that relates collective housing and landscape, this study reflects on alternative relations between humans’ everyday life and landscape that influence human habits in order to reach more sustainable practices. After, she participated in the II International Congress on Sustainable Collective Housing in Sao Paulo, 2016, with the presentation and publication of her article “Landscape Choreographies in the Architecture of Collective housing”, which was published in the Congress book.

In 2016 Manuela started her own practice in Medellín as Freelance Architect developing interior design and construction projects, mainly in domestic and workspaces, as well as consultancy related to housing projects in a colombian construction company, INDECO S.A

Alongside her architectural practice, she has worked as assistant teacher at studios at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana developing a deep affinity towards teaching.

In September 2016 she started her Master of Science in Architecture Studies at MIT, in which she would like to study in deep the housing realm in order to contribute within this subject mainly in developing countries.